Flying Coyote

You observe, you perceive quickly. You tangle and twist your wit. Just a bit. But always in a sparing manner. And only for the sake of it - the quickened emotional offensive. A passionate defense.

"Fuck it. Just do it."

You're holding steadfast to your dreams. You enforce it, muttering quietly to yourself as you soak your mind in a million tiny inkblots, bent forward so you can read only the words.


Pale Sun

Black and Whites Man V Nature


Running Up That Hill

This the Chromatics take on the classic "Running Up That Hill"

And here's a song that may or may not have sampled it.




Riding in Cars


Something Old.....


Dreams Watercolor 07


Border Patrol

Alexx is the Best


Coast Safari

I live on that little peninsula

Yeah, it's pretty magical.

Post Katrina vs. 3 years later. Same Place

Trinkets and Things

Galliano <3

It's pretty safe to say that this guy's got it going on. For those who don't know, John Galliano is a textile GOD who works under Dior.